Happy birthday and Happy Retirement Baba

Last night was my dad’s retirement dinner at katsina. Even though I was not physically there, I could tell from the pictures that it was a wonderful event, well planned by friends and well wishers.Image 

After 21 years of dedicating himself to the High Court of Justice, Katsina, my dad retired today. His career has spanned more than 2 decades filled with so many ups and downs.

I am sorry I am not there to celebrate your birthday and your retirement today. My prayers are always with you. May Allah (SWT) grant you all your heart desires.

I know it is hard to be honest and dedicated for over 21 years, but you did it Baba. We are all proud of you and we love you and Mama.

Now it is time for you to look back with pride and satisfaction on your well-lived life and look forward to the things you are yet to enjoy inshaAllah. 

May God bless you and May All your dreams come true…..Amin .





About bintulislam88

A true Muslimah....Alhamdulillah ala ni'imatul Islam.I also love my parents so much :) :) :)
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One Response to Happy birthday and Happy Retirement Baba

  1. Nana says:

    Now you gonna make me cry! Alhamdulillah Babadaddy you did we’ll! Love you mucho. Rabbir Hamhuma Kama rabba yana sagira.

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