Wahasteeny ya ukhtee…:( :(

Every soul will taste death. And We test you with evil and with good as trial; and to Us you will be returned.(Suratul Anbiya:30)



I miss you soooo much Zainab,more than words could say…..it hurts really bad.




It was on the 2nd of Shawwal,1434(9th August,2013) Allah(swt) took you away from us ….

When I heard the news,

I shut my eyes and prayed it was a dream

But unfortunately it was a reality…a very sad reality.

If only tears could bring you back……


Each time I pass by the Masjid in which your Janaza took place, my heart gets broken…it’s a feeling I cant explain…..but I know you are Insha Allah in a better place…God loves you more.

All I think about is the last time we spoke , our last conversation…our last chat. I wish we talked longer….. I had so many things to tell you .

I wish I could see you walk through the kitchen door at at Katsina…just one more time , but I know that is impossible ….. God knows best…Image

I miss you soo much …more than you could think of…. My hearts is sore.


As time goes by, I miss you more …

Your loving smile, your kind words and the sincere advice

The good times we had in cairo,

The Tafsir at Malama Murja’s,

The nice and fun times we had at essence,

Today, tomorrow, I will always remember.


You were really a good person,Allah ya sa halin ki ya bi ki…ameen


May Allah forgive you all your sins and May we meet someday in Jannatul Firdaus…InshaAllah.

Adios my Sister,my friend…my love…










About bintulislam88

A true Muslimah....Alhamdulillah ala ni'imatul Islam.I also love my parents so much :) :) :)
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2 Responses to Wahasteeny ya ukhtee…:( :(

  1. ummigee says:

    Allah yasa ta huta. May Jannah firdaus be her final abode,ameen. Take heart

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